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    It takes courage to look in the dark corner for unanswered questions.

    We have being groomed in school to look for the questions to which we know the answer,

    so we could give The Right Answer (aka the authority figures Right Answer).

    Some of us are courageous enough to look in the dark corners and dig up the unanswered questions.

    Maybe not to find any answer but to figure out what could be an answer.

    They are very few people who can actually do this.

    At the same time, more and more young people are doing it.

    Not because it is cool, or trendy or fashionable but because we running out of options, and we are called to do this.


    If we want to create a chance for humanity to survive its homemade suicide,

    we - young people - will have to face into the unknown.

    Facing the unknown is a nonlinear - kinda like this website.



    In the process of creation of this platform, I was amazed to find a long list of young people bringing the backgrounds conversation into the foreground, putting the shit on the table and wrestling with massively-complex systems bit by bit. I listed projects led by youth for youth - ones that you can join. The ones listed are only the tip of the iceberg. There are million of youth walking the streets in more than 120 country to demand measures be taken against climate change. Part of this website are doorways to young people leading the (r)evolution and creating bridges on which other young - and not so young - people can walk on.


    Why not?

    You might come to wonder why I choose not to list some of the famous young people who are known for their willingness to change the world, such as Malala. Deliberately, I decide to not list projects that are promoting what we know already does not work - in this case, Western modern education. Malala's fight for girls education is noble and understandable AND it does not lead to a million young girls stepping out of patriarchy and creating next culture. Western modern education is one of the major contributor of creating the modern zombie-slave culture that is the cause of the annihilation of life of Planet Earth. Thinking that people need to be educated in reading and writing in order to gain freedom of choice is a thoughtware rooted in a culture that idealize mind and words over experience and presence.

    More about this here: Quit School.

    In Diamond Age are clear instructions for how to bring 300'000 young girls out of dependence from men.



    Please DO NOT use this list as a whip to beat yourself up. If you are thinking: 'But I am not creating anything for a better future', 'I could never do this so what's the point in trying', 'I wish I was like them', 'Nothing that I tried worked and I tried a lot of thing', or anything with similar flavor, your are beating yourself up. STOP IT.

    S.T.O.P. I.T.

    The fact that you are reading this website, you have already started your path to change the world by changing yourself.


    So keep breathing, keep reading and keep experimenting!

    Check out 10 ways to stop beating yourself up here. 👉



    LDBYOUTH.00 (read here for explanation)

    Pick one way and do it now - if you are beating yourself up, and if you are not you can still do it and see what happens.


    LDBYOUTH.01. In a private space, beat a pillow with your fist next to you while saying the voices in your head to the pillow ("You idiot pillow! Why can't you do anything! You always fail!"). Keep going until the pillow is beaten down. Better the pillow than you.


    LDBYOUTH.02. In a public space, start writing as fast as you can on a paper all the voices in your head ("This is never going to work" "I don't know how to do this" "This is impossible" " There is no way out" "You can never do this kind of stuff" etc...). Write until no more voices are in your head. Then read them to yourself. The voices are no more in your head, they are outside of you.

    Extra: figure out who those voices belong to (male, female, which of your parent or family member, which teacher said this to you) then write down their next name next to each voice. These voices do not belong to you - you can learn to shoot them down.


    LDBYOUTH.03. Prove to yourself that you have power right now despite that you are beating yourself up. Tell, call or text a friend and tell them that you are reading a website about How Young People Can Change The World.


    LDBYOUTH.04. Write a poem about someone beating themselves up.


    LDBYOUTH.05. Be authentic about beating yourself up. Tell, call or text a friend and ask them if they can listen to you for 2 minutes. If they say yes, tell them: 'I am beating myself up right now about (...fill in the blank...)' Tell them in details how you are beating yourself up. If they try to interrupt you, simply say: 'Are you okay just listening and not talking while I tell you this?'


    LDBYOUTH.06. Figure out what energetic tool you are using to beating yourself up with (it might be a whip, a rope, a wooden stick, ...). Find where you keep this energetic tool around you (it is never far). Pick it up (this might feel weird and you might just want to try it out) and put it far away from you that you cannot beat yourself up with it - maybe it is a locked safe in a bank.


    LDBYOUTH.07. Coming soon.


    LDBYOUTH.08. Coming soon.


    LDBYOUTH.09.Coming soon.


    LDBYOUTH.10.Coming soon.



    Are you wondering what you're gonna do with your life?

    Are you wondering how you will have a meaningful life?

    Are you wondering where to even start to have a meaningful life?


    The thing is you do not have a life.


    Young people, we do not have a life.

    We do not have the privilege of time.

    We don't have time.

    Because we do not have a future.

    If you do not know what I am talking about, wake yourself up.

    Your first task, should you accept it, would be to read this paper or this paper or what this video.

    Climate change might be the last experiment humanity will have tried on Planet Earth before our extinction.


    The only thing we really have is NOW.

    If you think about what you are going to do with your life in the next 10, 20, 30 years, you live in the fantasy world.

    You think that we have the next 10, 20, 30 years.

    Probably, we do not.


    This might be a harsh thing to say

    The point is not to put you in a depressed state where you end up crawling in bed in fetus position watching Netflix series to numb to the fact that you are depressed.

    The point is to offer you a chance to wake yourself up from the dream state that modern culture is trying to keep you in.

    The point is for you to realize that your future has been stolen.

    The point is you will never get this moment back, no matter how hard you study in class or how much you are trying to be a good daughter or son to your parents.

    The point is to throw you on your feet.

    The point is that it is not too late, to live now.


    Live Now, okay.... but how long is Now?

    Have you ever thought about this? You might have read dozens of quotes saying 'Live in the Now', okay sure. But how long is Now?

    I mean that is an important question. How does one determine how long Now is? We can consider that the length of our Now includes everything that we put our attention on. If you are thinking about a conversation you had 3 days ago, then you Now just extended to 3 days. If you are imagining what your life is supposed to be like in 10 years, then your Now is 10 years long.


    How long should Now be? Well that would be up to you, nobody can tell you how long your Now should be for you.


    Continued next block...



    ... continued


    How long a useful Now is? What I would consider a useful Now is the time it takes to make a new decision. Okay, well how long does it take to make a decision? From experience, we have observes it takes about 3 seconds to make a new decision. "One second, two second, three second." Having a small Now is when you put your attention on what is happening during a 3 second interval, not what could happened in the future past those 3 seconds, not what has already happened in the past before those 3 seconds.

    Then every three second you can make a new decision and decide to be a new person, every three second. Well that would be 'Living in the Now'.


    LDBYOUTH.11 - Practice Having a Smaller NOW

    I am assuming that you have a Now that is bigger than 3 seconds.

    Here are some practices to bring it down.

    1. At least one part of your body is touching something at all time, whether it is your feet on the ground, your butt on the chair, your hands on the table. Right now, put your attention on the part of your body that is touching something and have the experience of the touch. It might be rough, or smooth or hot or cold. It actually doesn't matter. Do not put words on your experience. Just have the experience. ...

    Did you do it? Com'on. Close your eyes and do it for 10 seconds.

    So? I assume you did.

    Being in the experience - not in the story about the experience - is one way to move into a small now.


    2. Get yourself a bracelet, a bright colored one. Every time you look at the bracelet, stop. And experience the touch of it against your skin for 3 seconds. Every time you do this, you bring yourself back to NOW. This is meditation. This is transformation.


    LDBYOUTH.12 - Freaking Out Might Be An Indication of a BIG NOW

    Notice when you start freaking out about something that will happen in the future or about something that has already happened in the past. And STOP. You just made your NOW big enough to contain everything between this moment and the moment the incident has or will happened. That is a very BIG NOW. Your NOW is 1 hour long, 2 hours, a week, a year, multiple years long, maybe your entire life time?

    STOP and practice LDBYOUTH.11

  • Only in the present can we ask questions and offer real possibilities

    1. How am I suppose to live?
    2.  How and where do I start?
    3. The practical questions:
      • How will I make money?
      • Where I am going to live?
      • How am I going to feed myself?
    4. What if what you are suppose to do,  what you want to do, and what you have been trained to do are exactly the same things?

  •  1. How Am I Suppose to Live...

    if I only have now?

    If I had a clear line of answers for this question, I would give it to you.

    If I had a pill that you could take and then you would know, I would also give it to you.

    I haven't found one and I honestly don't think there is one.

    I mean life would be pretty boring if that was the case.

    What is below are experiments for you to do - yes! actually do, not just read about it like a school book -

    to figure out for yourself how you want to live.

    In my experience, the more I experiment, the more answer(s) to this question I receive.

    In reality, nobody can answer this question for you. And really would you want that?

    But hey, nobody can stop you from trying out something different either.

    The secret for how you are suppose to live are in your reach,

    because they are inside of you.

    But they will never reveal themselves to you until you actually want to.



    Link here.

    How am I suppose to live? A truly amazing question.

    What is even more crazy that after 14 years of education, we have had no answer to what this is all about: 'How do I live?'


    We do not want, and we cannot live like our parents, teachers, and presidents...

    At the same time, they seem to be our only role models.

    So if not that life, then what life? And where to find it?

    If not them, then who can show us?


    This makes me angry and sad. I wished that when a young person says "I am ready to live, please reveal how to me", they would know exactly which door to knock on to start their initiatory journey into adulthood.

    A true adult would be behind that said door to hold a safe container in which young people can discover for themselves how it is to truly live, to live full out.


    It is probable that if you have been to school, you read those line and it sounds crazy.

    It is crazy! Because you have been to school! School imprisoned you in your mind. And living in our mind is no way to live.

    When I say discover how to live, I mean discover how to live outside of your mind!


    Such doors to adulthood are rare and hard to find. We have listed the one we have found

    You can find them here and here.

    Go see find them wherever they are and start asking question. They are waiting for you.


    Link here.

    In the face of climate change, nobody knows how to live. Even indigenous people who have survived and live on their land for thousands of years peacefully (enough) and sustainably for most of them, they do not know how to live when the climate is unstable, the weather patterns are changing constantly and mass-scale immigration most certainly will drive people on their land.

    As for the children of modern culture, we have lost our way to live in a regenerative collaboration with our environment a long time ago.

    What does this mean for us young people? It means that we are the one left with the responsibility to create a culture that it sustainable and regenerative on all level (not just agriculturally, but physically, intellectually, spiritually and socially).

    We have to come up with a way to live that works.


    This might not be what you would have expected from a website designed by and for youth.

    This might sound like too big of a responsibility when you cannot even find a job that you like.

    This might sound overwhelming for you who is barely surviving in your own cultural environment.


    I think that is exactly why you are perfect for the job. Because you have enough pain about your own life. You might not know how to live, but you definitely know how you do NOT want to live. And that is the starting point.



    The first experiment that you might want to try in this quest of figuring out "How am suppose to live?" is to shift identity to become a refugee of your own birth culture, that we call modern culture.

    Being a refugee as a starting point is useful, because you do not have to obey the rules of modern culture anymore which tell you to go to school, find a job, make money, compete with others, live in fear, consume as much as possible to numb yourself ...


    Right now, you can decide and say out loud or in your head (it is better out loud):

    "Hey, actually this is not my culture anymore. I leave. It is not working for me. I am now a refugee until I found the culture that I want to live in."

    How bold is that? Yes!

    It is your birth right (maybe even your birth responsibility) to live the precious human life that you want to live, really, fully.


    Link here.

    Teaching as a Subversive Activity was written in 1969 (BOOKx152.00), and it is still as of today an absolutely revolutionary book. It was written for 'educators'. As of now, being new refugee of modern culture, you just have become your own educator. Congratulations! No need to pay thousands to universities or private school, no need to put yourself in debt for the rest of your life. More info 👉: Quit School.


    Teachers do not have on their agenda to teach you to be subversive, despite being the one core skill that you actually need to survive and live in a ever changing fast environment like today's.


    Being subversive is about building in you a "shockproof crap detector" against what supposed authority figures are trying to make you believe. The thing is it will start work on your own self-made bullshit!


    Being subversive means being able to questioned:

    • what you hear whether it is on the media, social media, TV or whether it comes out of the mouth of the President or the director of any NGO
    • what you are shown by the advertisement company - for who's benefit are they working for? how are you given them your center and your attention?
    • supposedly 'adults' behaviors - how come people pretending to be adults still beat their children, rape women, compete with their neighbors, play the victim about their situation, blame others for everything that is wrong with their life? how are you pretending to be adult and actually are still playing Low Drama?
    • culture concept - eg. is the concept of needing money to live is a truly universal concept? (The answer is no.) If so, who's profiting for sustaining such a concept? how are you sustaining that concept?
    • religious message - is there really a good and an evil? who decides what is good and what is bad? if it is not you, then who and why? do you still live in the distinction between good and bad? why?
    • school purpose - what is actually school for? what do you want the education purpose to be? Check this out.
    • etc...
    To build in yourself your own shockproof crap detector, here are some experiments:
    1. Keep your center - see Become Centered
    2. Shift from verbal reality to Experiential Reality - in verbal reality everything can be argued (even murder, rape, war, destruction of planet Earth), experiential reality is not about what can be argued, is about what your guts are telling you.
    3. Shift your relationship to your 4 Feelings and relate to them as a useful tool instead of a design error from the Universe.
    4. Distinguish two different kinds of Drama.
    5. Keep yourself inform about the world from authentic sources of information: like Greta Thunberg, Paul Cherufka, Yes! Magazine, and others.
    6. Grow your books reading list, videos and movies watching list, podcast listening list and website reading list to expand your perspective of the world.
    7. Become a monthly supporter of Kiva, Avaaz, or Films for Actions (or any another platform for grassroots edgework platform) (LDBYOUTH.14)
  • Revolution might sound a little dramatic, but in this world, choosing authenticity and worthiness is an absolute act of resistance. Choosing to live and love with our whole hearts is an act of defiance. You’re going to confuse, piss off, and terrify lots of people—including yourself. One minute you’ll pray that the transformation stops, and the next minute you’ll pray that it never ends. You’ll also wonder how you can feel so brave and so afraid at the same time. At least that’s how I feel most of the time … brave, afraid, and very, very alive.”

    Brene brown

  • 2. How and where do I start?

    "choosing authenticity and worthiness is an absolute act of resistance"

    This is where you start, with yourself, where you are.



    Link here

    If no one knows how it goes, there is really only one way to find out, no? Experimentation! They are thousands, maybe millions of experiments that you can do. And experimenting is better and more fun in a Team. You can find explanation for how to build your own laboratory experimental Team, at Possibility Team Bubble.


    Different teams:

    Right there in your own home or apartment, just tell a few friends or interested people that you want to try to live in a different way because whatever is on offer right now doesn't work for you and you are tired to wait for someone to create it for you. Make the first invitation for Thursday night at 19.30 for 2 hours.



    Go traveling with your Team, you can set challenges - we camp, we don't use hotel or we bike, no use of fossil fuel transport, or we eat only vegan and local and organic, nothing from the stores, or we only walk, or anything. Set a length: 2 months for example. Set a place: Europe, Asia, South America, ... Set that everyday, you are experimenting something new. And then report at the end of the day.



    Create an alternative school in an isolated place. Find a band of sand, an island, a forest, a house isolated enough that nobody will come and find you - no even the postman goes there. Gather a team of 4 or 5 people and commit to creating an alternative school for the next 2,3, or 4 months. No electronic devices allowed (no computer, no social media): really that is an important point. Learn low tech skills: what are the eatable plants around you? how to grow sprouts? how to make kefir? how to make fire without matches or lighter? Find ideas here.


    Under Projects, I listed some youth projects that welcome young people to join their team and expand their impact. A few years back, I joined Earth Guardians (project listed below) for a few months before going traveling. It was an amazing experience to be able to talk to people across the world who could guide me about how to change myself and change the world simultaneously. I was based in New Zealand, they were in New York.


    Join one of them, say Yes to their proposal, and see where it leads you.

    MEET WITH ...

    • Authors of the books that have changed your life.
    • Directors of movies that have touched you
    • Journalists who write about what matters to you
    • Researchers who you admire
    • Change markers who inspire you
    • Village leaders
    • Project leader
    • Us (Anne-Chloe and Clinton)
    A few hints:
    1. Have a list of three questions that you will ask them before you go into the interview. Ask them the most dangerous question you can think of, the most authentic questions. They will be glad about this.
    2. Before the end of each interview, ask them who you should interview next - this is important.
    3. Record the meeting either by video or audio.
    4. Share your findings and insights with you fans: create an blog, Facebook, Instagram account & a website (it takes as much time to create a website than it does to create an Instagram account) where you share regularly who you met with and what you've learned.
    5. Keep an eye out for proposal to join project or support to create your own


    Take the leap

    You might tell me: "But I don't know how to do that". I believe you. The people who know how to do this have already done it and they are on their next adventure already. It is because you don't know how to do it that it is your next adventure.


    Unfortunately, you have been to school where knowing is the highest value. If you don't know, what might happen? You might get punished, kicked out, exiled, marginalized, ... in truth, all of these feel like dying.

    What I can tell you is that you created a survival strategy (we call it the Box) for yourself that worked. How do I know? You are here reading this website! Congratulation, you have survived! Do you want to live now? Yes? Yes!


    Alrighty then (this is a movie quote...), then you will have to commit to do it before knowing how to do it.

    How? Read, this article (LDBYOUTH.18), it talks about commitment before knowing how.

    Read this website, (BCMITTD.00)it talks about commitment.



    Go anywhere from here

    The first position in ballet or in martial art is the position from which you can go anywhere.

    The first position is called being centered.

    Being centered means putting your energetic center onto your physical center (your point of gravity). When you are centered, your voice in your own, your feelings are your own, your ideas are your own, your power are your own. Click here to Become Centered.


    To this first position, we had two elements:

    When you are centered, grounded and bubbled, then you can go anywhere from here without letting other people's concepts and constructs enter your space.

    Join one of those project and team up with other youth to create what matters to you

    Extinction Rebellion

    Climate Change

    With more than 350 branches in 58 countries, Extinction Rebellion demands:

    >> Governments tell the truth
    about the ecological Crisis
    >> zero emissions & drawdown by 2025
    >> Participatory Democracy

    Find your country on xrebellion.org

    School Strike 4 Climate

    Climate Change

    We are striking from school to tell our politicians to take our futures

    seriously and treat climate change for what it is - a crisis.


    Website: www.schoolstrike4climate.com

    Earth Guardians

    Climate Change & Indigenous Culture

    We inspire and train diverse youth to be effective leaders in the environmental, climate and social justice movements. Through the power of art, music, storytelling, civic engagement, and legal action, we’re creating impactful solutions to some of the most critical issues we face as a global community.


    Website: www.earthguardians.org


    Ecovillage Movement

    Next Gen is the youth focused Thematic Interest Group of the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN), serving as its own global network for Ecovillage youth – with Presence in all five regions of GEN.

    Based in Findhorn, Scotland

    Website: nextgen.ecovillage.org


    Climate Change

    Sunrise is a movement of young people uniting to stop the climate crisis. This dark hour in America cannot last. Welcome to Sunrise.


    Website: www.sunrisemovement.org


    Dance, Art, Theater

    Mixit is a project that uses creativity to empower young people. It helps increase confidence, self-expression and communication skills. It’s a multi-cultural platform where young people with refugee backgrounds mix-it-up with local and migrant youth. Based in Auckland, NZ

    Website: mixit.co.nz

    Transition Town Network

    Sustainable Villages

    It seems like they do not have a section especially for youth. And maybe it would beneficial for them. Maybe it is your job to make such proposal to them.

    Website: transitionnetwork.org

    Youth Passegeways

    Initiations, Rituals

    YOUTH PASSAGEWAYS is an evolving network of individuals, organizations, and communities who help regenerate healthy passages into mature adulthood for today’s youth.

    Website: youthpassageways.org

    Generation Waking Up

    More soon

    If you have found more youth projects that empower young people to take action and be part of the change, please send them to me here.

  • Generation Waking Up

    Generation Waking Up is igniting a generation of young people to bring forth a thriving, just, and sustainable world. This video is part of the Generation Waking Up Experience - called a 'WakeUp' for short - a multimedia educational workshop that inspires young people to transform their lives and communities.

  • 3. The practical questions

    • How will I make money?
    • Where I am going to live?
    • How am I going to feed myself?

    How will I make money?

    Link here.

    Money is not good or is not bad. Having money or not having is not actually the question.

    Human beings have lived on this Earth for thousands of year without money, money is not inherent to Life, even today, whatever the governments, media and advertisements companies want us to believe.

    We have been wired for only about 150 years that we have to have a job - to make money - to live. This is insane corporate agenda from them to make more money.


    There is a phase 1 and a phase 2 for changing your relationship to money - like there is a phase 1 and a phase 2 of everything.


    PHASE 1: Prove to yourself that you can make enough money to live at anytime doing what you love.

    Try all of the 25 Experiments in the Become Money Bubble.

    What has been shocking for me is that there are so many possible work opportunities to serve consciousness, evolution, Gaia, sustainable and regenerative agriculture, ... but nobody is actually filling them in. We (the General Memetics team) have been putting out jobs offer for over 2 years and scarcely nobody has come to us and said Yes to working for something that they love.

    I think there is the modern culture thoughtware tells us: "You cannot really living doing what you love, you can only live if you work for a corporation".

    If you want to live in that thoughtware, it is up to you.

    If you want to change it, then you will have to do experiment to prove to your system that it is actually possible to live while doing what you love. (LDBYOUTH.19)

    Also see 4. What if ...


    PHASE 2: Do you what you love without consideration for money - aka, trust the Universe will take care of you.

    Do what you are here to do and the Universe will take care of you. This is radical reliance in the Universe. Sometimes so far from western modern culture that you might not even have a clue about what I am talking about and... I am quite sure that you already have had experience where you were lost, broke, alone, confused, etc... and "by coincidence", "by magic", "by accident" someone or something crossed your path and pulled you out of that situation. If you still believe in coincidences, you are probably missing out on the magic of the Universe.

    How am I going to feed myself?

    We seem to have forgotten... that planet Earth is a food forest, Gaia is so abundant and generous in giving life that we forgot that it is available at anytime anywhere.

    Have you heard that 11,000 sharks are killed every hour? Every HOUR! That is right. When I hear that I wonder, how many sharks are there in the world that that many can be killed and they still are enough for human to kill another 11,000 in the next hour?

    Have you heard that between 3.5 billion to 7 billion are cut down each year? Yes, billion not million.

    Have you heard that 150-200 species of plant, insect, bird and mammal become extinct every 24 hours? Every day... That is 55,000-73,000 species going extinct every year. How many species did Gaia created? How much of it is eatable? Most of it actually.

    We seem to have forgotten the abundance of Gaia in how it provides from its creatures.

    We seem to have forgotten that the hunger, the famine are mainly caused by human culture, not by Gaia.

    We seem to have forgotten...



    Learn 10 edible trees that live in 10km of where you live.

    + Learn 10 edible bush that live in 10km of where you live.

    + Learn 10 edible grass that live in 10km of where you live.

    LDBYOUTH.21 Learn to spear fish.


    LDBYOUTH.22 Learn to hunt with bow and arrow.


    LDBYOUTH.23 Learn to grow sprouts in your own kitchen


    LDBYOUTH.24 Grow 10 different herbs in your house.


    LDBYOUTH.25 Learn to make kefir.


    LDBYOUTH.26 Go teach those skills to people around you.

    Eg. Go on edible walk nature tour and eat together what you have harvested. And ask for a donation at the end of the tour. Voila!

    Where I am going to live?


    I use woofing as an urban term that has enter the English language that means: going traveling and working on organic farm around the work, 5hours a day against food and accommodation.

    I don't particularly recommend the original website Woofing, I would rather suggest NuMondo as I met the creator of this platform and he is committed to offer transformational experience to the user of his platform.

    Woofing is a powerful way to learn how to live from nature independently from stores and corporations trying to make you believe that without them you could not survive. But also to have time to read evolutionary books, watch evolutionary movies, create your next project, and discover new culture.


    Part of being subversive is to gain cultural relativity (& Kurt Vonnegut) towards any culture but especially your own.



    A Temporary Automous Zone (or T.A.Z.) is a liberated area of land where one can be for something, not just against, and where new ways of being human together can be explored and experimented with.

    Find a public space, a farmer or the owner of big property and ask them if you can set up camp for 1,2,3 or 4 months as an alternative schooling system.

    Try to be as far from neighbors that if you make noise, they would not hear it.

    Make an agreement with the owner of the land that this is a TAZ and so you are not ruled by his needs, but yours. You can show him your Codex.

    The point is not to make a Big Party. No alcohol, no drugs, no phones are allowed.

    This is a chance to explore something new.

    3-5 people seems to be an ideal number.

    If you have questions about this, please contact us.

  • 4. What if ...

    ... what you are suppose to do, what you want to do, and what you have been trained to do are exactly the same things?


    by Joni Mitchell

    They paved paradise

    And put up a parking lot

    With a pink hotel, a boutique

    And a swinging hot spot

    Don't it always seem to go

    That you don't know what you've got

    'Till it's gone

    They paved paradise

    And put up a parking lot

    They took all the trees

    And put them in a tree museum

    And they charged all the people

    A dollar and a half to see 'em

    Don't it always seem to go

    That you don't know what you've got

    'Till it's gone

    They paved paradise

    And they put up a parking lot

    Hey farmer farmer

    Put away that D.D.T. now

    Give me spots on my apples

    But leave me the birds and the bees


    Don't it always seem to go

    That you don't know what you've got

    'Till it's gone

    They paved paradise

    And put up a parking lot

    Late last night

    I heard the screen door slam

    And a big yellow taxi

    Took away my old man

    Don't it always seem to go

    That you don't know what you've got

    'Till it's gone”